Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009 -- Last Show!

Ballboy -- Avant Garde Music (Guide for the Daylight Hours)
Love Spit Love -- Am I Wrong? (Love Spit Love)
Pipettes -- Pull Shapes (We Are The Pipettes)
Coldplay -- Strawberry Swing (Viva La Vida)
Noah and the Whale -- 5 Years Time (Peaceful the World Lays Me Down)
Delgados -- Coming In From The Cold (Hate)
Streets -- The Irony of it All (Original Pirate Material)
Basement Jaxx -- Cish Cash (Kish Kash)
Ting Tings -- That's Not My Name (We Started Nothing)
Lightning Seeds -- Pure (Cloudcuckooland)
Teenage Fanclub -- It's All In My Mind (Man Made)
Robyn Hitchcock -- Belltown Ramble (Ole Tarantula)
Jens Lekman -- Black Cab (Maple Leaves EP)
Southside Stalkers -- Five (Sound of Speed)
Heavy Blinkers -- He HEard His Song (The Night and I Are Still Young)
Hidden Cameras -- Breathe On It (The Smell of Our Own)
God Help The Girl -- Perfection as a Hipster (God Help the Girl)
Camera Obscura -- Number One Son (Underachievers Please Try Harder)
Belle and Sebastian -- Jonathan David (EP)
British Sea Power -- Carrion (The Decline Of...)
Divine Comedy -- Tonight We Fly (Promenade)
Morrissey -- Now My Heart Is Full (Vauxhall And I)
Elbow -- Scattered Black and Whites (Asleep at the Back)
Dire Straits -- Going Home, the Theme from 'Local Hero' (Alchemy Live)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playlist for August 12, 2009

Ballboy -- Avant Garde (Guide for the Daylight Hours)
Menswear -- Daydreamer (Nuisance)
KT Tunstall -- If Only (Drastic Fantastic)
Beatles -- Nowhere Man (Rubber Soul)
Trashcan Sinatras -- It's A Miracle (Weightlifting)
Glasvegas -- Geraldine (Glasvegas)
Robyn Hitchcock -- Up to Our Nex (Goodnight Oslo)
Boy Least Likely To -- Saddle Up (Law of the Playground)
Stereolab -- Ping Pong (Serene Velocity)
God Help The Girl -- Perfection as a Hipster (God Help the Girl)
God Help the Girl -- I'll Have to Dance with Cassie (God Help the Girl)
Loveninjas -- I Wanna Be Like Johnny C (Labrador 100)
KLF -- Last Train to Transcentral (White Room)
Moloko -- Day for Night (Do You Like My Tight Sweater?)
Lemon Jelly -- A Song for Jack (
Lily Allen -- LDN (Alright, Still...)
Pet Shop Boys -- Rent (Discography)
Glenn Tilbrook -- Melancholy Emotion (Pandemonium Ensues)
Duckworth Lewis Method -- Age of Revolution (Duckworth Lewis Method)
The Streets -- Let's Push Things Forward (Original Pirate Material)
Madness -- Sugar and Spice (The Liberty of Norton Folgate)
Peter Gabriel -- Sledgehammer (Shaking the Tree)
Traveling Wilburys -- Handle With Care (Volume 1)
Frightened Rabbit -- (HEads Roll Off) Midnight Organ Fight
Morrissey -- Something Is Squeezing My Skull (Years of Refusal)
God Help the Girl -- A Down and Dusty Blonde (God Help the Girl)
Chrysler -- When Sarah Came to Town (Failures and Sparks)

Stuart Murdoch NYT Article

Since I'm enjoying "God Help The Girl" so much, I though I would post a link to a longish piece in the NYT magazine that focuses on Murdoch and the recording of the album -- well worth a read!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playlist from July 29, 2009

Ballboy -- Where Do The NIghts of Sleep Go To When They Do Not Come To Me? (guide for the Daylight Hours)
The Fall -- Theme From Sparta FC (The Real new Fall LP)
Franz Ferdinand -- Turn It On (Tonight)
Gorillaz -- Feel Good Inc. (Demon Days)
Basement Jaxx -- Lucky Star (Kish Kash)
Echobelly -- Great Things (ON)
Mclusky -- Alan Is A Cowboy Killer (Do Dallas)
James -- Whiteboy (Hey Ma)
Radiohead -- Idioteque (Kid A)
Pipettes -- Pull Shapes (We Are The Pipettes)
The Go Team -- We Just Won't Be Defeated (Thunder, Lightning, Strike)
Blur -- You're So Great (Blur)
Elbow -- One Day Like This (Seldom Seen Kid)
Boy LEast Likely to -- Saddle up (Law of the Playground)
Badly Drawn Boy -- Degree of Separation (Born in the UK)
Belle & Sebastian -- Boy With the Arab Strap (Boy With The Arab Strap)
Baxter Dury -- Lucifer's Grain (Len Parrot's Memorial Lift)
Tindertsicks -- Sometimes It Hurts (Waiting for the Moon)
Cake Sale -- Aliens (Cake Sale)
Doves -- House of Mirrors (Kingdom of Rust)
Robyn Hitchcock -- I'm Falling (Goodnight Oslo)
Neil Halstead -- Oh Mighty Engine (Oh Mighty Engine)
Billy Bragg -- She's Leaving Home (Reaching to the Converted)
JAMC -- Happy When It Rains (Darklands)
Camera Obscura -- Let's Get Out Of This Country (Let's Get Out Of This Country)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ballboy -- Avant Garde Music (Guide for the Daylight Hours)
Noah and the Whale -- 5 Years Time (Peaceful the World Lays Me Down)
Suede -- Trash (Coming Up)
Magic Numbers -- take a Chance (Those the Brokes)
Hooverphonic -- 2Wicky (single)
Guillemots -- Made up Lovesong #3 (From the Cliffs)
Lightning Seeds -- Pure (Cloudcuckooland)
British Sea Power -- Waving Flags (Do You Like Rock Music?)
Shudder to Think -- Hot One (Velvet Goldmine)
Morrissey -- Now My HEart is Full (Vauxhall & I)
Teenage Fanclub -- Near You (Howdy!)
Franz Ferdinand -- Ulysses (Tonight)
Jesus and Mary Chain -- Rollercoaster (Power of Negative Thinking)
Death in Vegas -- Aisha (Contino Sessions)
Led Zeppelin --Immigrant Song (BBC Sessions)
Komeda -- It's Alright Baby (What Makes It Go?)
Radio Dept. -- Pulling Our Weight (Labrador 100)
Jens Lekman -- Black Cab (Maple Leaves EP)
Robyn Hitchcock -- Up To Our Nex (Goodnight Oslo)
Boy Least Likely To -- I Keep Myself to Myself (Law of the Playground)
Bibio -- Ambivalence Avenue (Ambivalence Avenue)
Neil Halstead -- baby I Grew You A Beard (Oh Mighty Engine)
The Cure -- Plainsong (Disintegration)
Cocteau Twins -- Evangeline (Lullabies to Violaine)
Black Box Recorder -- Goodnight Kiss (Facts of Life)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playlist from July 1, 2009

Graham Coxon -- Bittersweet Bundle of Misery (Happiness in Magazines)
Madness -- Michael Caine (Divine Madness)
Brian Eno -- Black Frank (Here Come The Warm Jets)
Pipettes -- We Are The Pipettes (We Are the Pipettes)
Duran Duran -- Wild Boys (Singles 1981 - 1985)
Smiths -- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Singles)
Robyn Hitchcock -- My Wife and My Dead Wife (Fegmania)
Belle & Sebastian -- Take this Carriage Clock and Shove It (Push Barman to Open Old Wounds)
Neil Halstead -- Oh! Mighty Engine (Oh! Mighty Engine)
Lloyd Cole -- No Blue Skies (Lloyd Cole)
The Cure -- Snow in Summer (Join the Dots)
The Cure -- Halo (Join the Dots)
The Cure -- I'm Cold (Join the Dots)
The Cure -- This Twilight Garden (Join the Dots)
Doves -- Kingdom of Rust (Kingdom of Rust)
Boy Least Likely To -- Saddle Up (Law of the PLayground)
Brakes -- Two Shocks (Touchdown)
Kooks -- Mr. Maker (Konk)
Streets -- Don't Mug Yourself (Original Pirate Material)
Art Brut -- Emily Kane (Bang Bang Rock & Roll)
Cocteau Twins -- Bluebeard (Lullabies to Violaine)
Maps -- Lost My Soul (We Can Create)
Glasvegas -- Geraldine (Glasvegas)
Frightened Rabbit -- Heads Roll Off (Midnight Organ Fight)
Suede -- Shipbuilding (HELP)
Blur -- Sweet Song (Think Tank)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playlist from June 17

Aztec Camera -- Good Morning Britain (Retrospect)
British Sea Power -- Fear of Drowning (The Decline of...)
Trashcan Sinatras -- Hayfever (I've Seen Everything)
Pet Shop Boys -- Did You See Me Coming? (Yes)
New Order -- Regret (Singles)
Golfrapp -- A&E (Seventh Tree)
Morrissey -- Something is Squeezing My Skull (Years of Refusal)
Nouvelle Vague -- The Killing Moon
Neil Halsted -- A Gentle Heart (Oh Mighty Engine)
Gomez -- See the World (How We Operate)
The Cure -- Just Like Heaven (Single)
Black Box Recorder -- French Rock & Roll (Facts of Life)
Alison Moyet -- It's Not The Thing (The Turn)
Brakes -- Heard About Your Band (Give Blood)
Rolling Stones -- Shine a Light (Exile on Main Street)
David Bowie -- Always Crashing In The Same Car (Low)
Brian Eno -- This (Another Day On Earth)
Del Amitri -- Move Away Jimmy Blue (Waking Hours)
Jesus & Mary Chain -- Terminal Beach (The Power of Negative Thinking)
Belle & Sebastian -- Act of the Apostle (The Life Pursuit)
The Pipettes -- Pull Shapes (We Are The Pipettes)
The Boy Least Likely To -- When Life Gives Me Lemons (Law of the Playground)
Robyn Hitchcock -- America (Gotta Let This Hen Out)
Ed Harcourt -- Something In My Eye (Here Be Monsters)
Turin Brakes -- State of Things (Optimist LP)
Stone Roses -- Love Spreads (Second Coming)
Elbow -- Scattered Black & Whites (Asleep at the Back)